Montag, 23. November 2009

Review on "Every Avatar is an Artist"

On friday the 20th of november the new BERLIN art FESTIVAL 2009 took place at the Neue Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) and became an amazing success.

As part of the group exhibition "The World as a Stage", Jan Northoff created the 3D art installation "Every Avatar is an Artist", according to Josepf Beuys' famous statement "Every Human Being is an Artist". That art work is a tribute to Beuys' work Ausfegen (Sweeping Up), 1972-85.

Two interconnected projectors screened a realtime video from the Alexanderplatz in newBERLIN, the virtual remake of Berlin in Second Life, on a semicircular canvas. Visitors were able to explore the city with the sweeping up Avatar Beuys2. Jan Northoff led the attendees through his artwork. At the same time inworld visitors were able to chat with a bot who responses question in a typical Beuys way. The exhibition can still be visited in Second Life.

Although for many visitors Second Life seemed to be a totally new experience, the 3D media was well received. People were watching quite interested at the canvas and some even made their first steps in the virtual world.

Summarizing the whole evening was great fun for exhibotors and visitors with almost four hours of fine art and socializing.

"Every Avatar is an Artist" is an art project produced for the RL exhibition "The World as Stage" by n.b.k. Neue Berliner Kunstverein by artist and founder of newBERLIN Jan Norhoff. For further information please visit:
"The Wolrd as Stage " is curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen.

Opening hours: 21.11.09-10.01.10, Tuesday through Sonday 12-6 PM, though Thursday 12-8 PM, Chausseestrasse 128/129. Closed 24.12.09-2.1.10.

For more information about "Every Avatar is an Artist" please contact Jan Northoff at

For more information about "The World as Stage" please contact Sophie Goltz at

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