Montag, 18. Januar 2010

Geld verdienen im Netz: Titelthema im PC Magazin

Das Titelthema der aktuellen Ausgabe des PC Magazin (2/2010) ist die "Erwerbsquelle Internet", sprich: wie kann ich mit dem Web Geld verdienen. Neben Smartphone Apps und Bannerschaltung auf der eigenen Webseite handelt der Artikel "Pixelgold-Pirsch" über Geschäftsmodelle im Internet.
In diesem Zusammenhang hat uns das PC Magazin um ein Interview gebeten, da man auch über Second Life berichten wollte. Das Interview mit Jan Northoff ist unter dem Titel "Goldgrube oder Spielwiese? Solide Geschäftsmodelle in Second Life" in der gedruckten Ausgabe zu lesen.

Zum vergrößern auf Bild klicken

Das PC Magazin ist in jedem gut sortiertem Zeitschriftenhandel für 4,99 € erhältlich oder kann hier online bestellt werden.

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

The E.Factor Presents: Digitalization, 3D Virtualization, What’s next?

The E.Factor Presents: Digitalization, 3D Virtualization, What’s next?
Join us for an exclusive event with two highly distinguished keynote speakers who will demonstrate the ways in which the internet has changed our way of thinking by guiding us through virtual communities and businesses.

Keynote Speakers:

Tobias Neisecke: After completing a medical degree at the Charité Berlin (2006), he went on to found the company with his partner Jan Northoff, a start-up business most famous for the project “Berlin in 3D”. Tobias will show us to what extent the internet has changed the way in which people interact on a professional and personal level, using the example of Second Life to do so. In addition to this, we will be taken on a 3D virtual excursion, the focus of which will be to look at the future of Web 3D and the role it may play in the fields of communication, medicine and social media. In recent years, Tobias Neisecke has been invited to speak at various events as a specialist in 2.0 Medicine, 3D-Internet, health communication and virtual worlds. has a vast portfolio including film productions, conferences “virtual worlds” and new media consulting.

Dr. Michael Maier: Former chief-editor of Vienna’s Die Presse, Berliner Zeitung, and Stern (1999), Michael Maier is also author of the book, “The first days of the future - how we can change the way we think through the internet and in so doing save the world”, published in 2008. During his time in Israel, Michael did research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem analyzing anti-Semitism in the DDR Media. He is currently Fellow of the Joan Shorenstein Center for the Press, Politics and Public Policy Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where his focus is on “Environmental journalism in citizen media”. Besides this, Michael lectures at the “Management and Communication College” in Vienna. Michael recently founded BF Blogform Verlagsgesellschaft, a company which specializes in online corporate publishing. Michael Maier will speak about his book and illustrate how Social Media may look like in the future.

Date: 20th January 2010
Time: 18.30 – 21.30
Venue: Newthinking store, Tucholskystrasse 48, 10117 Berlin

newthinking store: Our event will be held at the newthinking store. Regarded as a key location for the latest internet developments in Berlin, the newthinking store welcomes all kinds of internet related events and is especially interested in the concept of connecting entrepreneurs with each other. It is therefore the perfect place for all you E.Factor members to get inspired with new ideas and to further increase your network.

Free for “Event Access” Members; Euro 15,- at the door for Basic E.Factor Members and everyone else.

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