Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Improve your worklife by learning Scrum at the GmbH headquater

Did you ever wonder how to plan your time, keep your promises to the customers and make sure that your team finishes its work in time? There are lot of time management tools and ways to improve your time management, but the GmbH team considers Scrum as one of the best free agile time management tools.

Therefore, now you can learn Scrum at the GmbH in Berlin. Jan Northoff, the founder of the 3D Webdesing and Internet agency is also a certified Scrum Master and he got his certification in February 2012 in California by absolving the Scrum training hold by Jeff Sutherland, Scott Downey and Dan Greening. 

I got to know Scrum right after I started my internship at GmbH as a Social Media trainee. I have to admit, at first I was very confused about the method, because I had tried something similar, but it never worked out for me. Day by day Jan Northoff teached me how to Scrum and plan my time with this quite fun agile time management tool. After a short time I recognized that Scrum makes my work life easy and exciting, so I recommend you to give it a serious try, because it will pay off!

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Reporting from GmbH headquater,
Anita Stabiņa

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Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Early adaptors from Germany bring Germany into Cloud Party

As I said in my previous post - Cloud Party, the new Facebook- based and user generated 3D virtual world running on latest HTML5, Javascript and WebGL 3D browser technology has a great chance to become one of the leaders in the 3D virtual world business. Also, as the time passes, I found some more new and fun cloud islands. This means that more early adaptors and 3D fans are enjoying Cloud Party, so this is already the sign that my and other bloggers predictions about Cloud Party success in the near future isn’t wrong.

Now you can visit not just crazy and awesome artists cloud islands, but also enjoy Germany in 3D. I did my research and explored that Cloud Party is getting clouded by fresh and cool 3D Germany cloud islands. So let me introduce you with my newest findings.

In general I found six cloud islands - Deutschland, Hamburg 3D, Koblenz Art, Koeln, München 3D Munich and Berlin. I have to admit, at the moment there is not so much to see yet, but thanks to GmnH headquater boys diligence, cloud island Berlin has started to be developed. They had turned cloud island into Berlin’s city map, there already is Ring Bahn track around the city center and the famous Berlin TV tower is coming soon. Click here to visit Berlin cloud island.

So, in conclusion I have to say - I have a great feeling that we are going to see more of the Germany in Facebook-based and user-generated 3D virtual world Cloud Party pretty soon. 

Reporting from GmbH headquater,
Anita Stabiņa