Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

3D artists from all over the world create islands and 3D objects in Cloud Party

The new browser-based and user-generated 3D Facebook service Cloud Party has already several users and 3D artists fanbase. Since my first reserach and article about Cloud Party for 3D Internet and Webdesign Agency YOUin3D.com GmbH News Post, I had notice that Cloud Party is starting to develop rapidly and attract all kinds of artists, community managers and early adopters.
So in this post I am going to introduce you with my newest discoveries - awesome and crazy 3D artists islands at Cloud Party.

I have to admit - the longer time I spent doing my Cloud Party island’s research, the cooler islands I found.

Well known Second Life 3D artists Artistide Depres is also enjoying 3D virtual world Cloud Party and creating 3D art there also. Artistide has her own island “Artee’s cloud”. I was amazed when I first visited Artistide Depres island - there is huge women lying on the ground (her avatar), bugs flying in the sky around some kind of planet, rocks falling down from sky and all on top of that island motive itself is quite interesting and artistic. Click here to visit Artistide Despres island. 

If you want to experience crazy underwater world, you should definitely visit “Lilli’s homeworld” island, the author of island is Lilli Thompson. “Lilli’s homeworld” reminds of aquarium or scene of underwater marine world - there are castles, fish, something that looks like devilfish and, of course, seaweeds. Click here to enjoy underwater world island “Lilli’s homeworld”. 

The first working Danceball and several dance animations can be found here.
There is no Marketplace yet, but the Store looks already ready to sell dancing animations.

Last but not the least of my Cloud Party islands discovery is an art Museum island “Moya”, created by french artist Patrick Moya. This island is perfect place for those who love admirable art. He also is a Second Life artist with an own Sim, and Patrick Moya has also created a 3D art museum with many floors in Cloud Party - it is very colorful from inside and outside and there is some crazy-fun exhibitions to see. Click here to start your 3D art museum journey. 

Latest 3D artists activity in 3D virtual world Cloud Party just proves that in very short time we are going to see more fun and great islands. Also this is the sign that Cloud Party has a great potential to become one of the leaders in 3D virtual world business.

Also check out the IBM island, or read about it here.

There is much more to explore, so if you want me to blog about your Island, just contact me at anita@YOUin3D.com

Reporting from YOUin3D.com GmbH headquater,
Anita Stabiņa

Montag, 23. Juli 2012

IBM also has now a Cloud Party Test Island

While I was traveling in between the new 3D virtual World Cloud Party’s islands I accidentally detected IBM’s island. They just opened their Cloud Party IBM Sandbox like island. IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) -one of the biggest companies selling computers, hardware and software- is also known to be quite active in the Virtual World field.

At the moment their island is little empty and there is not so much 3D stuff you can enjoy, but it is quite huge, so I predict that there is going to be some cool 3D objects and mesh soon. I talked to the owner and they announced this is a official IBM test cloud island, to get to know the technology and maybe start some projects in the future.

The island is free to visit and just a modern Browser like Firefox or Chrome is needed.
Click here to get to know IMB’s cloud island, and if you are lucky you can already meet some IBM folks at work.

Montag, 16. Juli 2012

3D Virtual World Cloud Party: New User Created and Facebook-based application

A few days ago I got to know the new Facebook-based and user-generated 3D virtual world called Cloud Party, invested and advised by Second Life Co-Founder Cory Ondrejka and Ex-Cryptic Studios CTO Bruce Rogers. I have to say, at the moment it is at it’s starting point and there are already quite a lot opportunities to express your 3D virtual world fantasies and desires. I am pretty sure that Cloud Party will develop quickly and become more popular soon.

The coolest thing about Cloud Party is that users can generate their 3D virtual world by themselves directly in your favorite internet browser. You can start Cloud Party very easy, all you have to do is just search it in Facebook and press the “visit website” button - so no more downloading and installing new softwares and creating new accounts. In a few seconds your 3D avatar is ready to check in Cloud Party. It works in all modern internet browsers such as Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. Although Internet Explorer is not recommended as your standart browser (because it sucks). Cloud Party is also accessible with an automatic download via IE.
You can also log in as an anonymous user, but for anonnymous users built and  script functions are hidden. 

When you start Cloud Party, there is a quick and fun tutorial. I suggest you to finish it, because it will give you good advices how to build 3D virtual objects and show all those things which Cloud Party has to offer. Also, when you finish the tutorial,  you will get a cool free house and a piece of one of the cloud islands. Basically at the moment in Cloud Party you can create some basic 3D stuff, meet other  Facebook users with their 3D Avatars, travel between cloud islands and also take and share Cloud Party screenshots with FB friends.

Check out the Cloud Party 3D virtual world chat Facebook application for free with or without a Facebook account here. 
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Reporting from YOUin3d.com GmnH headquater,

Anita Sabiņa

Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Make your 3D life more open with the free Club Cooee chat community

Hey, I just discovered this awesome 3D international chat community Club Cooee where you can make your own 3D Avatar, listen to music, become a DJ by sharing your favorite songs from Youtube, SoundCloud and Grooveshark, play games, chat, flirt and get to know really cool people from all over the world.

More than 150’000 people already like Club Cooee in Facebook and I am one of them, so why don’t you give it a chance and explore gorgeous 3D world, you can start your 3D journey here.

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Reporting from YOUin3D.com GmbH headquater,
Anita Stabiņa