Montag, 16. Juli 2012

3D Virtual World Cloud Party: New User Created and Facebook-based application

A few days ago I got to know the new Facebook-based and user-generated 3D virtual world called Cloud Party, invested and advised by Second Life Co-Founder Cory Ondrejka and Ex-Cryptic Studios CTO Bruce Rogers. I have to say, at the moment it is at it’s starting point and there are already quite a lot opportunities to express your 3D virtual world fantasies and desires. I am pretty sure that Cloud Party will develop quickly and become more popular soon.

The coolest thing about Cloud Party is that users can generate their 3D virtual world by themselves directly in your favorite internet browser. You can start Cloud Party very easy, all you have to do is just search it in Facebook and press the “visit website” button - so no more downloading and installing new softwares and creating new accounts. In a few seconds your 3D avatar is ready to check in Cloud Party. It works in all modern internet browsers such as Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. Although Internet Explorer is not recommended as your standart browser (because it sucks). Cloud Party is also accessible with an automatic download via IE.
You can also log in as an anonymous user, but for anonnymous users built and  script functions are hidden. 

When you start Cloud Party, there is a quick and fun tutorial. I suggest you to finish it, because it will give you good advices how to build 3D virtual objects and show all those things which Cloud Party has to offer. Also, when you finish the tutorial,  you will get a cool free house and a piece of one of the cloud islands. Basically at the moment in Cloud Party you can create some basic 3D stuff, meet other  Facebook users with their 3D Avatars, travel between cloud islands and also take and share Cloud Party screenshots with FB friends.

Check out the Cloud Party 3D virtual world chat Facebook application for free with or without a Facebook account here. 
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Anita Sabiņa

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