Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

Career Fair 2008

The "Potsdam" Sim is associated with our CAMPUSin3D-Platform and invites for an interesting upcoming event :

In the framework of the workshop “Molecular Interactions 2008” and the research project “Training for entrepreneurs in virtual worlds” (Bio-VWe) the first virtual career fair will take place at the “Potsdam” SIM in Second Life® which is provided by University of Potsdam. The career fair invites representatives from companies and organizations as well as students,postgraduate students and postdocs from life sciences.We offer an exciting program of lectures and exhibition booths with lots of information about the participating companies and institutions.
The exhibition area is intended as a place where employers and candidates can meet and discuss.

For more information see:

Teleport Link to the Second Life® Location here.
BTW: We have a booth on the Fair, too...

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