Dienstag, 23. September 2008

We login 2 life !!

Yesterday Daniel Moshel interviewed us.

From Interview Jan Northoff & Tobias Neisecke

Daniel, a writer/ director from austria is developing a Feature Documentary named "Login 2 Life - Where real life meets virtual."

"Why do people spend more and more time in virtual worlds? What do they get there, that others don’t? Is there a lack of understanding for a new generation – the Digital Natives?

These questions are the starting point of a journey into Cyberspace. We will explore the lives of seven people, who experience their impressions, emotions and shared intimacies mostly within digital worlds. Are they groundbreaking pioneers of a lifestyle that will be commonplace in the near future? A future where digital life is a natural part of being?"

For more Informations about the project visit website of eidolon.at.


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