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Online participation in FaVE 2009 International Conference on Facets of Virtual Environments

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FaVE 2009 International Conference on Facets of Virtual Environments

Berlin, Germany, July 27-29, 2009
Virtually in Second Life®, July 27-28, 2009.

In recent years, persistent multi-user virtual environments (VE) have come into widespread use on the Internet. As more and more people spend more and more time in these environments, it is becoming obvious that this technology is not merely another medium. Rather, these systems have become sophisticated enough to be considered by their users as actual worlds. Alongside these virtual worlds, emergent effects such as social networking, online economies, virtual businesses and online culture are appearing.
While currently most of the major virtual environments extant online are games such as World of Warcraft®, various non-game applications exist and are being developed. These range from classical virtual worlds (e.g. Second Life®) to eLearning applications and other serious games. We expect that within a few years time, virtual environments will see pervasive usage similar to the Internet. This forecast raises many exciting challenges and questions, such as future virtual environments supporting millions of users simultaneously, the status of virtual property, or the phenomenon of increasingly close-knit online communities.
Against this background, it is surprising that many of the relevant research topics are still poorly developed. The FaVE conference seeks to address this deficit and provide a venue to research related to the many facets of persistent virtual environments. We therefore welcome diverse contributions covering the entire range of subjects around the vision of present and future persistent virtual environments. This includes both the underlying technology and the resulting, emergent aspects. As such, FaVE is an interdisciplinary academic conference connecting lawyers, engineers, and social scientists.
The conference will last three days, of which two days will consist of presentations and discussions and the third day will be workshops.

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