Dienstag, 21. April 2009

Suicidal Tendencies in newBERLIN thwarted by SLinside

The huge german Second Life Community Portal SLinside.com
(slogan: everything for your virtual life) produced a tiny imagefilm in our virtual city.

Abstract: A female avatar (Megan Merlin) announces to jump from the roof(!?) of an apartment building due to her problems with SL.
But friends prevent the "suicide" by reminding her of "SLinside", where she got always help for any problems & questions so far.
Puh! That was a close thing! Thank god, we have SLinside!

BERLINin3D and SLinside have a long tradion of working together:
- thousands of inworld parties,
- real life events (e.g. the Second Life Community Meeting),
- a newBERLIN streetlife Forum on SLinside,
and the portal runs its headquarters in newBERLIN´s skycraper "Haus des Lehrers".

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