Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

Virtual tourist group was cordially received by newBERLIN "mayor"

On Sunday May 17, Janita Collins and Esme Qunhua lead a tour of: Second Cities.
Esme about the tour: "While much of the landscape of SL is decidedly not urban, there are cities. We will explore some replicas/homages to real life cities. Bring your walking shoes and your curiosity."

They started their tour in our city and January Lightfoot, the "mayor" of newBERLIN, gave them a guided tour through the virtual Berlin.
Esme after the tour: "Thank you so much. My group from ISTE loved your tour and meeting with January Lightfoot and his assistance Maike Hoorenbeek :-) Your use of Second Life was so different from anything we have come upon. It was quite exciting."

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