Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Metaverse Summit 2007 in Berlin, 6-7th of December


Join the Metaverse Summit to explore and shape the future of the virtual and 3D Web

"What happens when video games meet Web 2.0? When virtual worlds meet geospatial maps of the planet? When simulations get real and life and business go virtual? When you use a virtual Earth to navigate the physical Earth, and your avatar becomes your online agent? What happens is the metaverse." (Smart, J.M., Cascio, J. and Paffendorf, J., Metaverse Roadmap Overview, 2007)

The web is moving from its 2D beginnings towards its virtual and 3D future. The Metaverse Summit will consist of two days featuring interactive sessions revolving the next generation of the internet - the Metaverse - in all its manifestations:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Lifelogging
  • Mirror Worlds
  • Virtual Worlds

The rapid development and exploration of 3D immersive environments is changing the way people communicate, collaborate, work and live. It is bringing about significant businesses as well as social and technological opportunities, challenges and questions. This unique event will bring together business leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, technologists, futurists, and industry participants to spend two days discussing current and emerging social, economic and technological trends and issues around the 3D-enabled web, virtual worlds, immersive networks, and ubiquitous information.

The Metaverse Summit 2007 will be held at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, Germany, on December 06 - 07, 2007, and will include

  • Keynotes and presentations of well-known industry leaders
  • Panel discussions and roundtables
  • Showcasing and demonstration of the latest technologies and services from leading companies
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities

The Metaverse Summit, organised by Helmut Reul, is the must attend event of the year and you all invite to participate in this great event for the exchange of new ideas in this exciting field!

Please note this event is not part of the Metaverse Roadmap Project and is not affiliated with the Acceleration Studies Foundation.

For more information, please contact Helmut Reul at or +49 5961 271362.

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