Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2007

Metaverse Summit 2007 Newsletter

A few days left to save € 100 on Metaverse Summit registration

Special price registration closes Wednesday 29th October – register now for the Metaverse Summit in Berlin and save € 100.

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YOUseeMein3D.com Jan Northoff & Tobias Neisecke GbR, agency for virtual worlds and 3D-visualisations, is official sponsor of the MetaverseSummit 2007 and besides, Northoff and Neisecke take part in the conference as a speaker.

The agency works on the advancement of 3D-internet and is realizing service-orientated representations and appearances of companies in virtual worlds as well as 3D-visualisations of all kinds. To demonstrate and implement their concept of merging virtuality and reality by a 3D-internet, the agency developed the platform newBERLIN in Second Life, the true to scale reproduction of Berlin. newBERLIN is an interactive platform that holds correspondence to reality and involves users by offering them entertainment, activities and information. At the same time, the virtual city provides ideal marketing value to the companies and bodies that are represented there. They can offer services and set up consumer-orientated virtual branches. In turn users get to know the companies and bodies in a playful way.

One way of merging reality and virtuality is by duplication events or broadcasting between the "worlds". YOUseeMEin3D.com is working in that field and therefore will broadcast parts of the Metaverse Summit 2007 via live-stream to newBERLIN.

At the conference Jan Northoff will discourse about why we need virtual shoes. He claims: "Virtuality is a lie: information is always real". Tobias Neisecke´s session is about the trend to reproduce cities in Second Life and on how to plan, manage, and promote a SL city. Why should a company have a branch in a SL city?At the time of the conference YOUseeMEin3D.com is celebrating its first anniversary and therefore there will not only be a talk looking back over the first year but also a big "birthday party". Every participant of the conference is invited to join the party on december 7th after the official program, as a relaxing finish.

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